Elder Abuse And Neglect

It is no secret that many elderly adults are being abused in their homes and sometimes even in facilities that should be responsible for their care. As elders turn out to become more physically frail, they find it difficult to stand up to bullying or being able to fight back if they get attacked.


Many seniors are being abused around the world today, being harmed in substantial ways often by people that are responsible for taking care of them. Elder abuse can either take place where the senior residents, most often they are usually done by adult children, other family members. Elder abuse can also occur in institutions, like healthcare facilities.




The abuse of elders tends to take different forms, some which involve intimidation or either threat against the elderly, some involving neglect and a variety of others.

  • PHYSICAL ABUSE: The physical abuse which is the non-accidental use of force against an elderly person which in return will result to physical pain or injury.
  • EMOTIONAL ABUSE: The emotional abuse can occur when people speak to or treat elderly persons in ways that cause them emotional pain or distress, this could be as a result of yelling on them, humiliating them and any other way that can cause them emotional pain.
  • SEXUAL ABUSE: Sexual abuse which talks about the contact with an elderly person without the person’s full consent, this contact can be physical sex acts.
  • FINANCIAL EXPLOITATION: This is the unauthorized use of an elder person’s funds or their property, which can either be done by a caregiver or a family member.
  • ELDER NEGLECT: Elder neglect which is a failure to fulfill caretaking obligations, it constitutes a great deal of all reported cases relating to elder abuse. It can either tend to be intentional or unintentional, which is based on factors such as ignorance or claim in denial that an elderly charge needs as much care as he or she does.

Elders should not be abused, they should be shown love and care, remember they were once young and active as you are now and eventually you too will grow old and be in the same state as they are, do you want to be treated badly when that time comes your answer is probably “No”.


That’s enough reason you should show elderly persons love, compassion, you should take care of them properly, and provide for them all what they need. Elder abuse is no longer a secret, it is something that happens very often and it should be stopped.



The elderly person find it difficult to do certain things for themselves, and that’s where you caring for them comes in, you should be willing to properly take care of the elderly.



You should ensure that your finances are okay before you decide to start taking care of the elderly, you should make a list of all the basic requirements the elderly will need, along with their tentative medical expenses so that you will be able to properly take good care of the elderly.



You should try as much as possible to indulge yourself in pleasurable conversations with the elderly, talking with them will help to create positive effects in them, the elderly will then be able to feel respected and worthy. You will also have the chance to feel more connected to the elderly as well.



Before you go ahead and make any quick decision that is entirely about them, you should consider their opinion on the matter and how they see it to enable them to be able to move along with the decision, by doing so you are letting them know you respect their own opinion, this in return make them feel respected.



When you are taking care of an elder, you should make sure your house is well equipped to properly take care of them, when you implement the proper safety that the elderly need you are giving them a chance to feel more safe and relaxed.

You can give them access to the kitchen when you have all safety measures in check. It has been said that elderly persons just like to do certain things on their own and they tend to take part in basic chores like preparing tea. You can let them relish those little moments in life.



Exercising usually help in the care of an elderly. You should try as much as possible to engage them in low-intensity workouts, that won’t be too strenuous for them to do; you should indulge the elderly in relaxation therapies which could be either yoga or meditation.


This does not only help to boost up their mood but also helps in an excellent functionality of their body organ, which helps to strengthen and boost their immune system.



You should also let the elders to be on their own, give them space to just sit on their own and just feel whole, although you are taking care of them but giving them their own personal space and respecting their privacy is a major way of really taking care of them properly, just let them have their moment.



Elder abuse is not a very good thing that people should find a habit of indulging in, it is very wrong in all ramifications. Elder persons should be shown love and care and they should not be made to feel unwanted, by causing them harm. People that usually abuse the elderly when caught should be made to pay for their actions. The elderly need all the love and care that they can get. You should dedicate your time to providing for them, they are to be treated properly and not turned down.