Elder care entails helping seniors fulfill their special needs, seniors needs can be special in several ways; some of the ways might be that they need help with transportation, need someone to talk to, or in general, they might need help with activities of daily living.
Caring for the elderly at home can be challenging sometimes, compare to them living in a nursing facility. When staying at home the family caregiver will have to focus more attention on their loved one which sometimes might interfere with their own jobs or their personal lives, and if they decided to take their loved one to the facility it is always a big challenge for family members to decide if they want to send their mom or dad to the facility or keep them at home where they can receive the care that they need.

The decision to receive care at home or the facility depends on many factors, most times family members or the seniors themselves will prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home to receive care, they prefer to be in a familiar environment to receive the care they need if their health condition has not been too critical, such seniors will need a non-medical home care services to meet their special needs.
There are several home care services available for the elderly to provide care for them in their own homes. When asked most seniors prefer staying in their homes to receive care, this relieves them of the emotional stress of being in an unfamiliar environment.


  • Personal Care

Seniors that have age-related condition might find it difficult to do some of the simple things they used to do like bathing/shower, dressing, feeding themselves, etc. A home care service provider can help the senior to stay clean throughout the day, the family will not have to worry about the personal hygiene of their loved one.

  • Home Making

A home care service provider can help the senior to take care of their environment, they can help to do light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, meal preparation, and so much more help that the elderly person might need around the house.

Home care service provider can help to set time each day to provide medication reminders for the senior, which it is a great help because sometimes the elderly person might forget to take their medicine, and this is not good for their health.

  • Mobility

A home care service provider can help the senior to move around the house, transport them to their doctor’s office, take them out to go shopping, and much more.
There are many other services a home care provider can render to help relieve the burden of caring for your loved ones.
Getting the burden of caring for your loved one of you is what Emerald Total Care is all about, we are here to help you to keep your loved one at home where they can receive the daily care they need.


Emerald Total Care helps clients to live independently in their own home by helping them with tasks of everyday living. These services are non-medical in nature and they are delivered by qualified personnel. Some of the services we provided are; homemaker, personal care, hospital sitter, companion/sitter, respite care, live-in care, friendly reassurance, and hospice care.

  • Homemaking Care

We provide assistance with housecleaning, laundry, meal preparation, transportation for appointments, errands, shopping, and outings. Simple tasks like these might be difficult for seniors living by themselves, that is why Emerald Total Care takes it upon itself to help seniors do light housekeeping to help seniors live in a clean environment.

  •  Personal Care

We assist our clients with activities of daily living in making them comfortable in their homes. Some of these services include; mobility assistance, toileting, grooming, bathing, dressing, incontinence care, feeding, medication reminder, and much more.
A shower can be a dangerous place for a senior because the fall risk is high. Often, the fear of falling can keep seniors from bathing as often as they should. Just being there to help seniors in and out of the shower or tub is reassuring. Seniors with arthritis joints can find it challenging to unbutton or zip up their clothes, that is where Emerald Total Care comes in, we help with these activities, and boost a senior’s self-esteem while doing so.

When senior’s adult children have a busy life or sometimes live far away, these can cause feelings of isolation or even depression for them. Emerald Total Care can help by simply being there to lend a sympathetic ear, or get them out of the house to visit friends or to do a bit of shopping. We can play cards or board games to keep them company, and also read books or check out audiobooks from the library. There are many activities that we can engage in to keep them company.

  •   Respite Care  

Many families need temporary relief when caring for their loved ones, outside caregivers can provide a break for family members to allow time away from full-time caregiving in other to do something else. This type of care is known as respite care, while they take a break their loved ones will continue to get dependable assistance and companionship.

  •  Safeguard Visits

There are some seniors that do not require daily assistance with everyday activities like meal preparation or bathing. A regularly scheduled visit once or twice a week to check on them and make sure everything is okay in the house is necessary. This safeguard visit is good for senior’s adult children who live far away and want to make sure that their loved ones are doing alright by themselves.

  • Live-in-Care

This type of care is those that want a particular caregiver to provide care for their loved ones, and also live in their home. Emerald Total Care provide this type of care depending on what the client wants.


At Emerald Total Care, we provide the Best In-Home Care Service to Seniors in The Comfort of Their Home. We are dedicated to helping your loved one stay at home while getting the best care that they deserve. We offer services all around the clock to fit the needs of you and your loved ones, from 4,6,8,12 hour shifts, while we are at this, your loved one’s safety and fulfillment is guaranteed. From companion, respite and nursing care; we are here for you. Let us help ease your mind, knowing that your loved one is receiving the best of the best in Home Care.